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Lions fans - allergy relief at draft time

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  • Lions fans - allergy relief at draft time

    Hello all,

    It is that time of the year again --- draft time !!! Yahoo !!! But for us springtime allergy sufferers (tree pollen is the culprit here), this time of the year can be miserable! And I just walked outside at my Troy, Michigan home and let out a huge sneeze. So I came back into the house to help our Lions brothers and sisters out in this time of misery. Because being a Lions fan is already miserable enough without a tree pollen allergy.
    For me, it is itchy watery eyes that are all swollen up, sneezing, a little coughing, and an itch on the roof of my mouth that CAN NOT be scratched away.
    But do not fret, Lions fans ---- I am here to help you. What I found that cures this allergy condition is a product called Gin Gins. It is a taffy that comes as individually wrapped pieces in a plastic packet. I buy them at Whole Foods; less than $4 per pack. I take one in the morning, one after lunch, and one in the evening ----- allergy conditions solved !!! And then I can watch the draft through eyes that are not watery and itchy.

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